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Treatment for Sunken Eyes

The eye can be normal in size and vision but appear sunken when there are fractures in the bones around the eye or the fractures have not been repaired well. This increases the space available behind the eyeball and the eyeball sinks in.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is easiest to repair the bones immediately after injury within 7-10 days, once the swelling and infection is controlled with medicines. However cosmetic improvement can be possible even after years after trauma . However delayed repair will be take longer operating time and will require more expertise and technology.

    A CT scan will tell us the stage of healing and position of the bones. However there is a specific protocol in which these scans should be done otherwise some vital information might be missed if the scan quality is not good.

    When surgery is performed immediately after injury, the bones are moved back to their original position and kept in position by using metallic plates and screws. However some bones are like eggshell and once broken cannot be repaired. In these areas, the eye tissues stuck within the broken bones are released and a mesh implant is placed to support the eyeball and restore the volume.

    When the repair is done after many years after injury, the bones are cut and then moved to their correct position and fixed with metallic plates and screws.

    No. These are permanent.

    Titanium implants are the best. Steel implants are cheaper and also available. However complication chances are more with steel than with titanium.

    Generally better companies will have higher grade of the titanium metal, better finish, better screw mechanics and fit so that chances of screw getting loose, infected or exposed are lesser.

    Surgery is done under general anaesthesia. These are long surgeries and may take from 2-6 hours depending on how many bones are involved and how complex the fractures are.

    3D printed skull model of the patient is created using CT scans . The surgery is planned on this model . By analysing the 3Dprinted model, Dr Priti Udhay will assess the size of implant suitable for the patient, decide on how much and in what direction the bones have to be moved and rotated and compare with the other side . The implants can be bent and contoured on these models before surgery to achieve the best possible result for the patient.

    This is a technology in which real time guidance is used during surgery ,from the patient’s CT scan just like the car GPRS/navigation. During surgery ,we normally cannot see the normal side bones as only the injured side is opened. By using this technology we can exactly match the injured side with the normal side to achieve the same curvature , position and rotation of bones like the normal side. This improves chances of symmetry between the two halves of the face.This is very useful in a shattered face and Dr Priti Udhay has introduced this technology in India in the field of eye trauma. She is world renowned for her expertise in the use of this technology.

    The surgical wounds take 6 weeks to heal . However the muscles may take 3-6 months to regain their normal function and strength. There may be double vision till the muscles start to function normally.

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