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Dermal fillers

A filler is an injection used to restore the facial volume and youthful appearance. Commonest used is hyaluronic acid filler. This is a natural component of the joints in the body. These are available in different viscosities and molecular sizes so that we can pick and choose the exact product depending on the site and purpose of the use.

The jaw line can be better defined, lips can be plumped, lower and mid face lift can be achieved as well as restoration of fullness under the eyes and in the cheeks and improvement in dark circles. These are injections given in the clinic and the effect is seen immediately. It is reversible. So if you don’t like it, an enzyme injection can dissolve the gel. Combining these fillers with botox can amazingly restore youthful appearance.

Though these are nonsurgical procedures, it is advised to get the treatment by experts who have adequate knowledge of the facial muscles and the anatomy of the facial blood vessels; so that injections can be performed at the right sites and planes in a sterile manner; minimizing chances of infections and complications.