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Treatment for cosmetically disfigured blind eye

Some patients have one eye with no chances of getting back vision. However the blind eye may look disfigured, white ,sunken and sometimes it may get repeatedly red, painful and watery.Coping with eye loss can be stressfull and a good custom artificial eye /ocular prosthesis /false eye fitting after appropriate socket surgery can be life changing for the patient.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If the eyeball has not shrunk much and is not squinting, cosmetic contact lenses can be tried. The other options are to fit the prosthesis over the shrunken eyeball of the patient or surgery.

    Evisceration with implant is generally needed so that an adequate bed is prepared for artificial eye placement.

    In adults, surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia.

    After surgery, a plastic conformer will be left in the eye socket. This is transparent and is temporarily placed for 6 weeks till the surgical site heals. During this period the eye will appear partly closed. Artificial eye will be placed after 6 weeks after which cosmetic appearance will be good. So a down time of 6 weeks is needed after surgery before any major events/social appearance can be planned. You can do normal work during this 6 weeks recovery period.

    Artificial eye has life like appearance and is made after taking measurements and moulds and painted seeing the other eye. It gives excellent cosmesis. Each patient’s needs are customised by our expert ocularist in consultation with Dr Priti Udhay.

    A dermis fat graft taken from the buttocks provides both volume and surface area to a contracted bed. Once the graft heals, the socket has good dimensions for fitting a well made customised prosthesis.

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