Oculoplastic Surgeon

Why choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists (eye doctors) with additional advanced training in facial plastic surgery. The micro precision eye surgery training (use of small incisions, finer sutures and microscope) is an added advantage in performing plastic surgeries around the eyes and face .They can understand the dynamics between eyelids and eyeball better and they can perform surgeries through hidden incisions inside the eyelid avoiding skin incisions . The eyelids and surrounding structures are complex and fragile and extremely important in maintaining vision. Eyes are noticed first when a person looks at a face. Oculoplastic surgeons are uniquely qualified in performing complex eyelid, orbital and cosmetic surgeries around the eye and in providing eyecare simultaneously as maybe needed in the process. When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon for your face, it is critical to choose a specialist whose work is concentrated only in the area around the eyes and face.

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