Jawline Tips | Beauty Unlocked With Dr. Priti Udhay | Vlog #01

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well. We’re gonna talk on the jaw line today.

Last week I had put a question and we had received a very good response from you all. So I thought I’d give a few tips in this 1 minute video. So jawline is best seen in the profile picture and you can see the big jaw line consists of the chin, the body, the angle and the neck. So there is a basic difference between male and female jawlines. In a female the chin is more v-shaped compared to a male. The male chin is broader, so it makes the jawline look a little squarish compared to a female. Also this angle is a little obtuse in females compared to males,also males have a squarish angle to the jawline when compared to females. so now normally when we are young we have a very well defined jawline and there is a definite angle between the chin and the neck. As we age there is deflation like how a balloon deflates and there’s also descent of superficial fat pads as well as deflation of the deep fat pads in the face. So whenever there is a sagging of the face, what happens is this jawline becomes less defined there is jowling appearance of jaws in the lower jawline. Also if it is severe ,this sagging can obscure the angle of the mandible and as we age the neck also becomes thicker and then this chin and neck angle becomes less well defined. So for this in most of the cases now we are able to achieve a good definition of jawline with dermal fillers. So what we do is using dermal fillers we give a slight lift to the outer side of the face so that this tissue which is sagging on the jawline gets lifted up. And also the neck is adjusted with fillers as well as Botox in such a way that this jawline becomes better defined. Some amount of filler is also used to change the shape of the chin so that all the proportions are more harmonious on the face and the filler is used to better define the jawline. So only in very severe cases now do we do a mini lift of the leg or a face lift is required. Most of the time we are able to manage with dermal fillers. So that was the small tip for today for the jawline and we’ll come back next week with another small tip for another area of the face. If you have any questions please leave your questions in the comment box down. Thank you so much for your kind hearing and have a good day.

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