Dark Circles

Hi and I’m back with another small tip for beauty and we’re going to talk today about dark circles. I think that’s a very very common problem in our part of the world. That is because the Indian skin has a tendency to pigment and also we have a certain kind of structure of our face, the bony as well as soft tissue the way it is, it causes shadowing around the eyes and that gives the appearance of dark circles. Also the skin around the eye is very thin and therefore the structures which are present under the skin are seen through which keep the appearance of a dark circle . Like if the blood vessels are dilated, like when we go out and exercise, the Indian skin tends to look darker after exercise whenever we sweat or when there is more blood flow to the face. And that is what happens even with aging. The skin thins out and the blood vessels underneath are seen through which may give you the appearance of dark circles, and also there is a very vascular muscle called the orbicularis under the skin which is seen through. As we age the skin thins out the celasterol and the collagen become less and the underlying muscle is seen through. And this thinning is also increased by ultraviolet rays that is by the Sun and therefore for dark circle we advise to use sunscreen ,hydrate yourself well and moisturize that skin so that the skin quality improves and that will reduce the pigmentation in the area around the eyes. Another important cause of dark circle is the hollowness that appears with aging. That is because the cheek comes down and even the outer part of the eye sags a little bit and that causes this area to become Hollow which gives the dark circle appearance, and therefore we can support the cheek as well as the outer corner of the eye so that this dark circle disappears with the help of fillers. So fillers are a very good option if you have hollows around the eyes. These are outpatient and they are done in the clinics and they have very little downtime and they last for about a year or year and a half. Sometimes with aging you also have a fat prolapse- the fat which is present normally behind the eyelid prolapses out and so if you have any bulge in the eye the area under the bulge is hollow and that again gives dark appearance. So there are so many things, so many factors which play a role in the appearance of dark circles. It can be the skin, it can be the tissues which are underlying like the blood vessels and therefore cold cucumber, cold tea banks help because they constrict the blood vessels and the skin appears lighter. So these are the few things that you can try initially like hydrate the skin, drink lots of water, moisturize the skin, use sun protection, have a good sleep so that you know the skin around the eye is healthier and have good nutrition, protect the face from pollution and when all this does not work filler is a good option if you have under eye bags or if you have fat bulges then you need surgery called lipoplasty. So that’s it for today, thank you very much for your patient hearing.

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