Corrective Eye Surgery to treat Sunken Eye

Some patients after injury, after many years after injury, they come to us and say I still have a sunken eye, I have had surgery before can I still get some improvement. I’m Doctor Priti Udhay, an ocular plastic surgeon from DRR Face Aesthetics, and I am here to discuss this today through the example of one of my patient.

So this patient had a road traffic accident, he had undergone a surgery and his bones were repaired, but still you can see that the right eye appears sunken, you can see the increased gap in the upper eye, which tells you that the volume is still not okay. So why does this happen?

Now this happens because the bones around the eye are not straight, they have a certain curvature, each bone has a curvature and that curvature should be recreated when we reconstruct these bones, you cannot just put a straight sheet and plant there because that will not reconstruct the volume correctly and you will have this kind of a problem. So in this patient what we did is, again we did a repeat surgery in him, we removed the existing plates and screws, we made the 3D skull model for him so that we can plan the surgery on that, and then we also used navigation guidance or computer assisted surgery. So during surgery we can counter the normal and abnormal sides so that we know exactly how the two sides are, we can symmetrize the two sides.

Beauty is all about symmetry, both the sides should be more or less symmetrical for you to have perception of beauty, so that is what we have done in this patient, we have used specialized contoured implants and reconstructed his orbit and he looks fantastic after surgery. So it is important that you are in the right hands when you have the facial fracture surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are best suited for this because they are basically eye surgeons, they have knowledge of how these fracture will affect the eye function, they can correct the double vision and also they have increased knowledge of use of the microscope, finer sutures, smaller incision. Most of this surgeries we can do from inside the eyelid like how we have done in this patient. There are no visible external scars on his skin, and now he is leading a normal life with no signs of any surgery done previously.

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