Canalicular laceration Repair-Eyelid cut Repair

This video demonstrates canalicular laceration repair along with eyelid laceration repair.

The laceration is inspected, the punctum is dilated with the punctum dilator. The medial cut end is identified under magnification using an operating microscope, it is a tube-like structure with gray lining and white rolled edge, the bowman’s probe is passed through the medial cut end till a heart stop is encountered.

The probe is inserted into the proximal canaliculus through the punctum, the lateral cut end of the canaliculus is identified.

A self-retaining monocanalicular tube is passed through the puncture and brought out through the lateral cut end it is then passed through the medial cut end into the sack, the tube is pulled so that the self-retaining head is in place. Pericanalicular tissue is sutured with 8-0Y frill.

The laceration is repaired with 6-0 prolene.

(After 3 Months)
Tube removal is an office procedure, the canalicular system was patent after tube removal you.

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