Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures-Unveiling The Younger You

It's hard to ignore the way a person looks. A beautiful face not only attracts people but also reflects our confidence and improves our self- esteem. Environmental influence, pollution, food habits, ultraviolet rays and ageing have a detrimental effect on the skin and appearance. With ageing, the skin thins out and there is loss of volume in the face. Imagine a deflated balloon. The wrinkles, fat bags and sagging is a result of this volume loss.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to look younger and better. In recent times, there has been a tremendous advancement in the understanding of the ageing changes in the face as well as the treatment options. Today an array of quick procedures are available with minimum down time, keeping with the pace of today’s lifestyle. Simple injectables in office can actually give a nonsurgical facelift and sculpt and contour the entire face.

Eyes are the chief seat of facial beauty. They reflect the inner you. Sagging brows, folds and bulges around the eyes give a frowning, tired and aged appearance to an individual. Aesthetic services help maintain and restore youthful definition of the face.

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